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The team at Virus Bulletin has a wide interest and diverse expertise in IT security matters, and our independent status allows us to comment freely and critically on relevant matters from a neutral standpoint. Our experts are available for press comment on any security-related topic, and we are always happy to discuss our test results and methodologies.


Martijn Grooten

Virus Bulletin's Editor, Martijn Grooten, is a keen follower of security issues and a regular speaker on technical and non-technical subjects at conferences around the world. He is regularly cited in the press and his expertise ranges from spam and botnets to cryptography.

Contact Martijn Grooten - Editor
Telephone: +44 20 3920 6348
Twitter: @martijn_grooten


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A limited number of free press passes are available for all Virus Bulletin conferences, where a quiet room is usually provided for interviews and other press purposes - to request a pass for the next conference, please contact us using

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